“Build Back Biscuit”

It’s the Conservative Party conference this week and it’s been all over the news.

This afternoon Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a speech about ‘levelling up’. I’m not sure what this means for the country and I’m fairly sure Boris doesn’t either, but I do know what it means for my tics:

“Boris Johnson levelling up with stilts made of shit.”
“Boris Johnson levelling up lies since 95.”
“Boris Johnson levelling up like a cowboy builder with a glue gun.”

I’ve always found it intriguing how my tics pick up on certain phrases
and levelling up wasn’t the only one from Boris’s speech that caught their attention.

A digital drawing made on Procreate by Touretteshero hero of a graphic that spells out 'BUILD BACK BORIS' using tiny drawings of Boris Johnson's head. This graphic is set on a black background.

I’ve been shouting at the lamp-post all evening about ‘building back better’, including:

“Build Back Biscuit.”
“Build Back Basil.”
“Build Back Britain but without lamp-posts.’
“Build Boris back to the fridge.”
“Build Back Boris with Buses of Latin and lies.”

As far I’m concerned this all makes as much sense as anything Boris actually said!

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