Happy Bath Day

I’ve just had the best bath!!!!

No exaggeration – I’ve haven’t had a better bath in my whole life!

Better even than the shared baths my oldest friend and I used to engineer by rolling in mud at each other’s houses, better than the luxurious ones scented by bath bombs.

And the excellence of tonight’s bath isn’t even exceptional – it’s the new benchmark, thanks to the installation of a jacuzzi bath in my new accessible wet room.

This is an image of large white jacuzzi bath with a chair lift. It is surrounded by large grey tiled walls.

I don’t just use baths to get clean – for that, my roll-in shower is the safest and most effective way for me to wash. I use them to help manage my pain, so investing in a specialist bath seemed sensible, but I had no idea how game-changing it would be for me.

While the jacuzzi function is great, it’s the extra width and depth that makes it really good – I can turn round and sit in it so much more easily and comfortably than in my old one.

It’s already having a huge impact on my wellbeing. Having a deep, warm bath before bed is helping my pain, which improves my sleep, and that means I’m more energised the following day.

It’s taken a long time to achieve a safe and accessible bathroom, and this is the last element to be completed… it’s definitely been worth the wait!

This is an image of a bubble bath where you can see a pair of white feet sticking out.They are resting on a white chairlift which is partially submerged in water

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