Keyworker Kids - A Revised Story

Almost exactly six months ago I created a story for my three-year-old niece Bean about her mum’s job as a doctor, to explain the coronavirus pandemic and what it would mean for our family.

As infection rates increase again, and with my sister due to start a new job next month that involves an increase in overnight and on-call hours, I’ve updated the story to help explain to Bean what’s happening, and what to expect.

A digital hand drawn image of a park showing people of all ages and backgrounds in bubbles of six, each group of six has a white circle around them. The picture is full of greenery and play equipment and includes disabled and non-disabled people. The text says 6 friends and make space.

I’ve also made a template version of this story which can be downloaded here and it’s customisable for other keyworkers’ children. I created some drawings for this story too, but these can be replaced by images that are more specific to the individual child and their circumstances if appropriate.

This story is split into seven sections

1) All About The Child
2) Their Parent/Carer’s Job
3) Staying Well in Wintertime
4) Wearing Masks
5) Shielding Family Members
6) Grandparents
7) We Will – What the child’s family agree to do

Please share this with anyone who might find it useful

Other Covid-related resources for children and young people can be found here and here.

Bean’s done incredibly well through the first six months of the pandemic and she’s been brilliantly supported by her nursery. Talking about what’s happening in an age-appropriate way has been something we’ve all been doing with her and so far, this approach seems to be helping her navigate at a time when there are lots of changes.

This is an uncertain time for everyone, and if you’re struggling with the changing situation, whatever age you are, there are tips on how to manage COVID-related anxiety here. Anxiety UK also have courses and support groups available here.

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