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At the start of lockdown my friends Ruby, Leo and Laura made me an incredible word-search which I had loads of fun completing, so I decided to make one for them. But rather than use words I used combinations of pictures. I really enjoyed making it, and I’ve created a version to share with you that features lots of things found in Biscuit Land. There’s also a secret message hidden in the grid.

Image shows a digital drawing of Touretteshero's picture grid she made for Ruby, Leo and Laura. It is a colourful 16 square x 14 square grid containing drawings in every square such as a mountain, a snake, a wheelchair, a rainbow, a lightning bolt. At the bottom is a secret message waiting to solved

I also made a simpler version, with larger images for anyone who’d find this useful. You can download print quality versions of both here.


 Image shows a digital drawing of a simplified version of Touretteshero’s Picture Grid Search. Image shows a 8 square x 7 square grid with each different coloured square containing a drawing from something related to Biscuit land such as the lamp post, a biscuit, a wheelchair and a geranium. At the bottom is a secret message waiting to solved.

Once you’ve found the strings of symbols that I’ve suggested, you could try drawing or writing strings of symbols for other people to find.

Or have a go at making one full of your own pictures – you can find blank templates here.

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