Lockdown Challenges - Week 2

As families across the UK head into the second week of school closures and lockdown, here are five more challenges for you to get stuck into. These are written with primary-school-aged children in mind, but they could be adapted to work for younger or older people.

Some of this week’s activities are inspired by things I enjoyed as a child or from my time as a playworker.

Colour Hunt

Find a piece of colourful fabric

How would you describe the colours to someone in another room without saying the name of the actual colour?

Find things that match the colours in your fabric – how many different things can you find that match?

What colour do you like best?

How do different colours make you feel?

Citizen Science

Many organisations that look after nature like it if children and their parents/carers get involved in recording the animals, insects and birds they see around them. This is called ‘citizen science’ and it’s where lots of people doing a little bit make up a bigger picture of how our natural world is doing.

What animals, birds or insects do you think might live in your local area?

Can you see any from your windows?

Draw up your own checklist and tick off what you see.

You can look for ways to get involved in citizen science online, but always check with an adult before getting involved.

Tactile Challenge

Tactile means something you touch.

Some people need to get information through touch because they can’t see.

Tactile pictures are one way that blind and partially-sighted people can enjoy art. They touch the picture to feel different textures and shapes.

Use sticky dots or tape to make your own tactile picture.

You could try making a tactile maze that you complete with your finger.

What other things could you use to make tactile art?

Imagine a New World

When JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter she drew a map of Hogwarts to help her imagine the place she was writing about and to tell the story better.

Here’s a drawing I made of a secret mountain world, based on everything my niece Bean loves:

A digital drawing of Touretteshero's secret mountain world which includes scenes such as penguins in a jacuzzi, a big slide with children playing and sliding down, a safari with a zebra and bird of paradise, a spaceship, a helicopter, an accessible racetrack, and a swimming pool

Create a map for a new world.

Who lives there?
What do they need?
Where do they sleep?
What’s the weather like?
What plants and animals live in your new world?
How does everyone move about?

Ocean Adventure

Spread out a blanket on the floor – blue or green if possible.

This is the ocean.

Think about what animals live in the ocean, make these animals or find toys to represent them.

Do the animals live just in the sea or also on land?

Does your ocean have any islands?

Do you have a boat to explore the ocean in?

Explore your ocean together and take pictures to share with your friends.

I hope you have fun and get to try new things this week. I’ll share another five challenges next Monday.

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