Pad Ripping Fun

I’ve written a few posts about my on-going bladder issues and about how wearing pull up incontinence pads helps me manage this and feel more confident.

There’s one slight issue though. It’s not their bulkiness or the fact that some types aren’t as breathable as I’d like. It’s a bit more basic and Tourettes-related: I keep ripping them.

This time it’s not impulse control that’s the problem but motor control. My arms move erratically – often doing this when I’m trying to pull the pad up so they get damaged before they’ve been worn at all.

I worry about the environmental impact and the waste of pads. I’ve tried washable products, but they don’t work very well for me. I’ve also had a look to see if there are any more environmentally friendly disposable pads, or ways to recycle clean pads. But so far I’ve not found anything. If you’ve got any ideas do let me know.

My vocal tics have already had some thoughts on the matter, but I’m not sure how realistic they are:

“Nappy cocktail dress and bridal car.”
“Hand warming nappy sausage dog unit.”
“No deal Brexit nappy signalling system.”

I’ll leave my tics ideas about Brexit planning for another day.

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