Monthly Archives: September 2018

Water Works

My neuro urology appointment (a specialism within medicine that looks after how the bladder and brain work together) got off to a very wet start this morning. But the liquid being spilt wasn’t wee, it was tears.

I’ve been having … read more

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Imagining the Future

Earlier today Leftwing Idiot took me to one side to talk about some touring plans that look likely to fall through. They relate to us taking our latest show, ‘Not I’, to the US at the start of next … read more

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“Invisible Nocturnal Impairment Awareness Post”

I often feel lucky that my tics are obvious. They go everywhere I go and are often the first thing people notice about me. The up-side of this is that I don’t ever really have to think about when to … read more

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Brewing In Battersea

I’m exhausted. Deeply, unrelentingly tired. But I’m also buzzing with joy, my brain awash with powerful, colourful memories of celebration and solidarity from the last few days of Brewing In Battersea.

Over two days and one night we mixed … read more

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