KO Bingo

Last night was the last but one of our holiday. Fran and I had a blissful day, spending the morning by the pool swimming in the sea in the afternoon. The wide beach, with its pale sand, has wooden walkways down to the shore to make it easier for wheelchair users. The warm, salty water supported my body as I was gently wafted about by the waves.

We headed back to the hotel and I had a brief but much-needed sleep. Fran woke me after a couple of hours and we both showered and changed for dinner. We ate to the sound of the kids’ mini disco nearby.

Afterwards we headed outside to join the growing crowd getting ready for the evening’s more grownup-focussed entertainment. This kicked off with bingo. Fran and I had played earlier in the week, buying just one card each, but last night we decided to be bold and play three cards each. You play them all at the same time which shouldn’t have been too difficult, but as soon as the caller started shouting out numbers I was overcome with fatigue. I battled to stay awake and follow the game, but my eyes kept closing as my brain drifted off to sleep. Unbeknown to me this caused Fran considerable extra stress as she tried to keep track of six cards simultaneously!

As soon as the game was over she took me off to bed, tucked me in, and I slept soundly until this morning. The only evidence of my failed game is the green bingo marker up my leg.

Discovering this made me laugh as I thought back over my battle with sleep.

We’ve decided to keep it laid-back today and spend our last few hours lying by the pool. My body seems to have settled happily into the low-key life here in Spain where even a game of bingo proves too strenuous.

We’ve had an amazingly restful time this week, but I’m looking forward to being back at the castle. I might need to edge myself gently back into work, though, so I don’t end up with even more colourful legs.

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