Which Way Up?

I love lots of things about my body. I love the way it looks, the way it feels when I hug someone, and the sensation of a laugh bubbling through it from deep inside.

But …

… since 2011 tics in my legs have meant that I can’t walk or stand (but I have a great wheelchair that helps me get around).

… since 2014 I’ve felt sick whenever I wake up in the morning. If I get up and move around I usually feel better within the hour, but if I wake in the night getting up then is much more disruptive.

… since 2016 I’ve had intense pain in my back and hips which seems to be aggravated by sitting.

So at the moment my body can’t tolerate standing, lying or sitting!

My question to my flesh and bones is what position do you want me to be in? Upside-down, on my head, or on bended knee?

I’m joking of course – my body doesn’t like kneeling either – I get blisters on my knees after even a short crawl.

I’ve always wanted to try an anti-gravity tunnel – maybe now’s the time.

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