Cartoon Pain Scale

The Internet’s full of distractions, from cute cat videos to nostalgic quizzes.

Last night I saw an alternative pain scale that made me laugh – someone had used works of art to replace the usual 1-10 of pain.

I liked this but despite being an artist myself I couldn’t fully relate to all the images, so I created my own alternative version… with stars of ‘80s and ‘90s cartoons!

A Cartoon Pain Scale from 1 – 10 1: “All good here” The Popples – A group of colourful Popples with fuzzy tails and flappy ears cuddle together 2: “I've got this” – Inspector Gadget looks confidently ahead as tools and gadgets emerge from his hat. 3: “I'll brave it out” – Bravestarr sits on a rock looking resigned but calm, a desert with with a powder pink sky is in the background 4: “How long till I can take some more…” – Count Duckula counting down time with a clock in the background 5: “I do feel a bit green” – The four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles look uncertainly ahead a sewer is visible behind them 6: “It could be worse” – A crotchety looking Cyril Sneer is on the phone looking tired and grumpy. 7: I'm a bit sore” – An Attack of The Killer Tomatoes Tomato takes up the whole picture with it’s big raging mouth wide open 8: “Just knock me out” – Banana Man hits himself over the head with a mallet 9: “I'm close to death” –Stimpy from Ren and Stimy carries a sick looking ren 10: “This will never end” – Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon master stands blocking a rope bridge looking straight ahead. “I've got this” – Inspector Gadget “I'll brave it out” – Bravestarr “How long till I can take some more…” – Count Duckula “I do feel a bit green” – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “It could be worse” – Cyril Sneer I'm a bit sore” – Attack of The Killer Tomatoes “Just knock me out” – Banana Man “I'm close to death” – Ren and Stimpy “This will never end” – Dungeons and Dragons

Whether you grade your pain using old masters or cartoon ducks, scoring it can be a useful way of keeping track of changes and recognising that it doesn’t always stay the same.

This activity was a useful distraction from my Killer Tomato pain.

Fingers crossed for a Popple day tomorrow.

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