Satin Square Slippy Fit

The country’s in the middle of a big chill, thanks to the Beast From The East. This means icy pavements and roads. But these aren’t the only slippy surfaces I’m dealing with at the moment.

My Occupational Therapist’s given me some satin sheets. It’s not because she’s concerned that my bed should be super sexy, but because these slidy sheets make it much easier for me to move on.

I hadn’t expected them to make such a big difference, but they really have. I’m often in a lot of pain and my muscles have been tiring quickly too, but the sheets mean I can get in and out of bed with minimal effort.

Last night, though, there was an unforeseen incident when I had a ‘ticcing fit’ in bed. I was able to press the buzzer and my overnight support worker Lily rushed in to help. She went to sit on the bed so she could control my arms, which were thrashing about wildly. But the moment she sat down she slipped straight off again at top speed. The combination of my new sheets and her own satin pyjamas meant she couldn’t sit securely on the bed.

We both giggled as she slipped about all over the place. Fortunately my new super bed means she doesn’t actually have to sit down to help me – she can just press a button and raise the whole thing to standing height. And this means my sheets and Lily’s PJ’s can stay silky, but not slippy.

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