Heroes Of The Imagination

I’m lying in bed, my soft duvet enveloping my exhausted body. This weekend the Touretteshero team’s been working flat out on Heroes of the Imagination at Southbank Centre’s Imagine Children’s Festival.

Over the last two days over 2000 children and their families have transformed themselves into superheroes with the help of our incredible band of artists and playworkers.

Our new heroes made masks, created capes, practiced their superhero powers and moves, and finally presented their new identity in our photo booth.

The Southbank Centre was full of families being creative together and making memories. Yesterday afternoon I read the bedtime story in the main foyer to mark the end of the day’s activities.

The story I chose was Winnie The Witch. It might’ve seemed odd for me to choose a story about magic rather than one about a superhero, but it’s a book that means a lot to me. One reason is that can help explain the Social Model of disability to kids. This shows them that you don’t need to change who you are if you have a disability, but that what you need to do instead is change your surroundings so they work better for you.

This idea is super and heroic to me.

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