Medication’s What I Need

Because of the chronic pain I’m experiencing, which I’ve written about a lot recently, I’m under the care of my local pain clinic and my GP, and I’ve got a range of medications to help me manage the pain.

There are regular medications that I take every day and others that I only take when the pain’s really intense. But some of these medications are opiates, and in recent months there’s been a lot in the press about the “opiate crisis” particularly in America.

I know that I only use these drugs for very specific medical reasons, but even so I’ve felt reluctant to take my medication as a result. So, to help me decide when I need to take it, and to ensure I don’t feel uncomfortable about doing so, I’ve made myself a flow-chart:

This is designed specifically with my own pain management plan in mind, but please do use it if it’s helpful to you.

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