Inclined To Sleep

I’ve been struggling to get comfy at night for the last few months and I’ve been resorting to precarious piles of pillows to help me reach the ever-elusive pain-free position.

Then, a couple of weeks ago after a particularly bad night I had a sudden realisation – I should call my Local Authority’s occupational therapy team. They’ve provided me with advice and equipment before so I ought to see if they can help with this new situation.

Within an hour of this revelation I was speaking to an occupational therapist (OT), and very quickly some equipment was ordered for me to try.

Yesterday my new mattress variator arrived. This device sits under my mattress and allows me to adjust my position electronically using a control.

I used it for the first time last night and found it really helpful. It means I can sleep in a slightly upright position which is often more comfortable for me than being totally flat. It’s also making it easier for me to adjust my position when my energy’s low, and has made transferring to and from bed safer and easier.

After months of makeshift interventions it’s great to have a simple neat solution.

And the best bit is – I can still see the lamp-post.

I love my new hi-tech bed – thank you, OT!



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