A Rainbow of Relief  

I’m taking regular pain killers at the moment because of the chronic pain I’m experiencing in my back and hips – they’re essential for helping me get through the day and feel comfortable.

But I’m not brilliant at remembering to take them, or more precisely remembering if I’ve taken them or not. My short-term memory’s never been particularly strong and at the moment I’m pretty rubbish at remembering anything that’s just happened.

At the beginning of this week I found myself with the box in my hand but no idea whether I’d taken the pills or not. However hard I tried to remember I just couldn’t be sure.

The drugs are quite strong so I didn’t want to take any more in case that would be too much. I called Fat Sister, who’s a doctor, and she told me what to do. She also told me to get a pill organiser to help stop this from happening again.

I took her advice and ordered an organiser online. It arrived today and I’ve started using it immediately, counting out my pills into each of the labelled compartments.

It’s brilliant and it’s saved me similar confusion twice already. I’m going to fill once a week so it helps keep me on track.’

Once again it’s small practical adjustments that help me through tricky times.

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