Drawn To Coney

Lily, Leftwing Idiot and I spent this morning at Coney Island on the edge of Brooklyn, in fact on the edge of the United States. Coney’s a coastal area with fun fairs, beaches, arcades and the enormous expanse of the Atlantic Ocean buffeting up against its sandy shore.

It’s been a beautifully sunny, warm and clear day. Coney was quiet as the peak of the season’s passed, but it was still full of life.

We lay on the beach, soaking up the sun and getting exfoliated by the sand, which whipped into our skin from the wind. Lily’s been doing some drawing while we’ve been here and it’s inspired me to have a go too. So while I was lying on the beach this morning I drew this:

It’s amazing to be in the heart of the city one moment and stretched out on warm sand after one quick subway ride. Wandering around Coney’s become a bit of a tradition on our visits to NYC and it felt lovely to be back there today.

I’m looking forward to being drawn back soon.

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