Colour Wheels

My love of wheelchairs is no secret, and it extends to accessories as well – in the past I’ve written with great excitement about new wheelchair bags and push rims.

For the last few days I’ve been preoccupied with spokes. I used to think changing the colour of my spokes was an expensive or messy business requiring new wheels, or coats of paint.

It turns out that an array of fantastic colours are only a monotonous repetitive task away – and I love repetitive tasks.

At my last appointment with Wheelchair Services I mentioned that for our new show ‘Not I’ I needed totally black wheels, but that I was reluctant to paint my blue spokes. The wheelchair technician suggested I look at the spoke shields used for motocross. I did, and my heart was instantly filled with joy.

In Edinburgh I was stuck with all black spokes, but this week I’ve been experimenting.

I’ve decided to go with mostly black, but with a few colourful touches. The great thing is that I can change them whenever I like. Who’d have thought that these colourful plastic tubes could bring such joy!

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