A Slice of Independence

I mentioned the other day that I’d started my Christmas shopping online. Today a lot of the items I’d ordered began to arrive. A crucial part of my strategy to avoid telling people what I’ve got them is to decide who gets what at the last minute.

But this poses a problem when it comes to opening all the packages when they arrive at the castle. I can’t use scissors safely because of my tics, but if I asked Innes or Leftwing Idiot to help they’d get to know what’s in the present pool.

This year I’ve found a brilliant solution: Nimble – a safe one handed finger-cutter.


You put this little tool on your finger and its tiny blade, too small to penetrate skin, comes out when you press it against a hard object, like a box or a packet.

It’s allowed me to unwrap all my deliveries safely, discretely, and independently.

So while my Christmas gifts remain a secret, I thought it was time to shout about Nimble so that this magic thimble doesn’t elude anyone who could use it.

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