Over the last few days I’ve been adjusting to being back in the UK, to the different time zone and to the weather! While I’ve been getting over the jet lag I’ve been taking it easy and not doing too much work.

One thing I did do was draw, something I haven’t had time for in a while. It is a special drawing because it was for Sam who’s nine and has Tourettes.

Before we went away his mum got in touch to say they’d been redecorating his room and wondered if we had any tic-inspired posters.

We don’t have any at the moment but I said that if he chose a tic I’d do a drawing of it for his room. Sam chose an excellent tic.


I love the focused attention that drawing takes, and while I’m doing it my tics often simplify. But there’s also some tension because I’m always one arm-tic away from disaster. Thankfully a black and white cow print covers up a multitude of little jerks.

Sam, I hope you enjoy the cows. All 34 of them.

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