World Wide Wobble

For the last five years I’ve experienced sudden intensifications of my tics several times a day. These episodes, which I call ‘ticcing fits’, had been happening on and off for years, but in October 2011 something changed and they became a very regular part of my life.

They can happen at any time but I’ve noticed that they often intensify if I’m ill, tired or if I’ve drunk any alcohol.

The extreme switch in time zone from the Europe to Australia has had a much bigger impact on my body, and my fits, than I’d anticipated. Earlier today I started wriggling almost constantly. I’ve got a lot less control of my body than I’m used to which is making things I thought I’d got down to a fine art – like transferring out of my chair – much harder and riskier.

I’ve hit my head twice already trying to transfer onto the loo, so while I’m as tired and wobbly as this I’ve promised to adjust the way I do things and ask for more help.

It’s always struck me as very annoying that when I’m at my most tired my body is at its most wobbly – which makes resting tricky. Hopefully everything will settle down in the next few days as we get used to life down under.

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