Mooching In Melbourne

After a glorious sleep I woke this morning in Melbourne, which I think is the farthest I can possibly be from the castle and my lamp-post. But my tics have made themselves completely at home immediately:

“Antennae, are you signalling to Alan to put the kettle on?”
“Antennae, are you what happens if the Eiffel Tower doesn’t eat its greens?”
“Antennae, did someone tell you triangles were in this season?”

The large antennae-like structure just outside my window was unmoved.

We’re here to perform as part the Melbourne Festival, a three-week, cross-arts event that’s already in full swing. Our show Backstage In Biscuit Land opens on Wednesday, but today we had a blissful full day off. We got off to a leisurely start with a swim in the hotel pool. It’s on the 18th floor and the views are stunning.

While we swam, wind and rain lashed the side of the building. I was brought up to believe that Australia was perpetually hot and sunny but Melbourne’s debunking that myth.

It’s springtime here and, just like spring in the UK, the weather’s a bit unpredictable. By the time we’d dressed and left the hotel, it was fine out, with blue sky and even some sunshine.

We found somewhere nice for brunch, wandered round the city, went along the river towards the dock area and lay about on a patch of fake grass in a Federation Square. After a day on a plane it was lovely to just wander about and take in the sights.

It’s been a relaxed start to our time in the city and great to have had a chance to settle in a bit before our work really begins.

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