Sink Fit

I’ve had ‘ticcing fits’ in many unusual places: a fire station, a tube station, on top of some hay bales.

Often, just before my tics intensify, I behave erratically – hitting something nearby or trying to stand up.

This afternoon I had a fit in the green room shortly before our show. I’d been sitting on one of the sofas when I suddenly stood up, wobbled over to the sink, and levered myself onto the worktop. Then I started to have a fit – lying sprawled out, suspended above the ground, half in and half out of the sink.

Leftwing Idiot quickly came to my aid, but his ability to help was impeded by waves of hysterical.

After a few moments he composed himself and successfully manoeuvred me into a safer position on the floor.

As soon as I got my speech back I said, “Well, at least I found somewhere to lie down.” Needless to say, Leftwing Idiot wasn’t persuaded.

I can confidently say this was my first ever fit in a sink. Hopefully it will also be my last.

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