Level With A Lamp-Post

We’re back at Battersea Arts Centre for another week, but not with Backstage In Biscuit Land. This time we’re here to work on the very early stages of a new project.

We’re in a room that I’ve not been in before. It’s a lovely space with a high ceiling and huge windows. I was immediately drawn to one particular window because of how instantly over-excited my tics were by the view.

But this wasn’t of a dramatic skyline or a rolling landscape. No, it was a lamp-post. Right outside was a tall and noble lamp-post, and because we were on the first floor we were at exactly the same level as its head. I found myself excitedly repeated this mantra:

“We’re on a level with a lamp-post.”
“Hi lamp-post, who are you looking down on, not me?”
“Lamp-post, I can see your features.”

I’m very happy with this new room – but who knows if we’ll get any work done, or whether it’ll turn out to be a week of excessive lamp-post-based chatter.

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