Sunday Clearing

This morning we got off to an early start – well early for a festival! At 10am a car arrived to pick Captain Hotknives and me up for our lunchtime performance on the Glade Stage. I was very glad not to have to traipse through the mud to get there.

The Glade is the biggest stage we’ve played so far. The production team were wonderful and really looked after us. We had a lovely dressing room, and it was excellent having a dry place to chill out before the gig. I had the best egg sandwich I’ve eaten in years!

Captain Hotknives had lost his voice, which made me nervous, but he drank plenty of water and it came back shortly before we were due to go on. But all the water meant that he urgently needed a wee midway through our performance and suddenly dashed off, much to my terror! While he was away I led the audience in a rousing rendition of my ticced anthem “There’s a little bit of light between my eye and my piss.”

GladeAfter our show we stayed to watch Glastonbury legends Cassetteboy and DJ Rubbish take to the stage. Their performance was stunning – achingly funny and powerfully political. It felt like it was exactly where I needed to be on a weekend that’s seen so much of what I believe in turned upside down.

After the show we all checked in with each other. We’d been asked to consider leaving today or waiting until Tuesday to avoid congestion on the roads tomorrow. It was due to rain for the rest of the evening, my wheelchair was struggling, and we were all tired, so we decided to head home straightaway. As we zoomed back in our warm van sharing snacks and stories this definitely seemed like the right decision.

It’s been a physically demanding but brilliant Festival. On an intensely sad weekend for unity and cohesion I’ve experienced so much cooperation and kindness. It’s this that’s kept me safe and moving in an extremely challenging environment. I very much hope that this spirit of shared responsibility and empathy is one that can be echoed across Britain as we deal with the aftermath of Thursday’s devastating decision to leave the European Union.

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