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A week ago I got back to the UK after a month-long tour of North America. This afternoon I left the castle again and headed off on another adventure, this time at Worthy Farm in Somerset.

I’ve been preparing for Glastonbury for the last few days, packing, organising support rotas, obsessively checking the weather, and buying enough biscuits for the audiences at the three shows I’m doing with Captain Hotknives this weekend.

We left London in the most torrential rain I’ve experienced in years – the roads were more like rivers. The amazing Tourettesmobile was stuffed with kit and people as it made its way through the countryside, and by the time we hit Somerset the sky had cleared and the sun, low in the sky, was shining.

I’m being supported for the next few days by a crack team – Fran, Laura, Innes and Fat Sister. Lots of other friends are here too, including Leftwing Idiot and Poppy who travelled with us. Innes has been on site for the last few days organising our camping space and trying to make sure things are as easy as possible despite the mud.

We arrived at the correct gate in daylight but were mistakenly directed to the wrong place, and it was another thirty minutes before we could get back to the gate. This time we were allowed through, but as it was now dark, it looked as if we weren’t going to get on site until the morning.

Fortunately the security and Theatre and Circus teams were brilliant and got us an escort onto the site. Innes met us and showed us to where she’d set up the camp.

Because we’d come in late we had to stay in the backstage camping area because we hadn’t been able to collect our wristbands and passes. So we sat and chatted and soaked up the atmosphere – and a little mud – before settling down to sleep. We were all extra-cosy thanks to the brand-new Touretteshero-themed quilts that my mum made – they even match the van.

TH Quilts

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