A Walk On The Sea Side

We’re in Ramsgate today doing two performances of Backstage In Biscuit Land. It’s been a beautiful sunny day and the sea and sandy beaches were so inviting Chopin said it looked like Brisbane in Australia.

After our matinee we had a few hours before the evening performance so we went for some food and a walk on the beach. Normally when I say ‘walk’ I mean ‘roll’, but today I actually mean ‘walk’.

Supported on one side by our driver, Jake, and by Leftwing Idiot on the other, I walked along the shoreline, safe in the knowledge that the sand would cushion my fall if they lost their grip.

After a minute or two I went back on my knees and started crawling but I did enjoy my brief walk. It’s my longest in several years and although Leftwing Idiot and Jake were doing most of the work it felt like a significant achievement.

I also managed to stay out of the water – unlike a few weeks ago in Weymouth when I involuntarily head-butted the sea.

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