Tax Dinosaur

David Cameron’s been in the news a lot this week, but for all the wrong reasons. This time it’s not because of inappropriate antics with farmyard animals, but because of leaked papers relating to questionable offshore investments, suggesting once again that we’re not all in it together, as he likes to claim.

There have been colourful protests in London and more people seem to be spotting the stark hypocrisies of our current leader than ever before. Naturally, amongst those passing comment are my tics:

David Cameron removal service, the United Kingdom speaking.
David Cameron tax dinosaur.
David Cameron queue jumps to the dole.
David Cameron’s going to work for Thompson Holidays.
I’d rather have a Jammy Dodger in Downing Street than a tax dodger.
Benefit cheat David Cameron, get a haircut!
David Cameron reveals his lizard skin.
David Cameron stealing from lampposts and incubators.

Cameron himself admits it hasn’t been a good week – only time will tell how many more he’ll be around for.

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  1. Dani says:

    Hopefully he’ll be gone very soon ?

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