Breaking Strawbs

Back in January I wrote about news of a possible biscuit shortage due to flooding in the North of England. Sure enough over the following months our attention’s been repeatedly drawn to the Biscuit crisis.

It now seems that another shortage is looming, and this time it’s one in which I’ve had a direct hand.

I’m currently on a UK tour of Backstage In Biscuit Land. We’ve had fantastic audiences and warm welcomes all over the place and it feels like the show’s definitely improving people’s understanding of Tourettes. But it’s having another impact we hadn’t quite anticipated.

StrawberryAt one point during the show I eat a delicious snack, so we get through a lot of fresh strawberries each day. But now rumour has it that our extreme strawberry buying is seriously depleting stocks in many parts of the UK.

I would like to apologise wholeheartedly for this severe shortage and to thank everyone who’s offered to give up eating trifles, jam, and other strawberry-based snacks to help ease demand as the tour continues.

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