Innes and I popped to the supermarket earlier today. We were moving methodically up and down the aisles when I realised I’d forgotten to pick something up from one we’d already been down. Innes went off to find the missing item and I carried on browsing.

I suddenly remembered something else we needed so I wheeled off to find Innes. It must’ve been obvious to other shoppers that I was looking for something because a fellow shopper started telling me where the ketchup was.

I must’ve looked a bit blank – I couldn’t understand why she was telling me. Then I realised she was hearing my “hedgehog” tic as “ketchup”. I thanked her for her help and explained that I wasn’t actually looking for sauce.

Moments later Innes appeared and we were able to complete our shopping mission together and head home for an excellent ketchup free dinner.

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