The Tourettes-mobile

Back in February I gave a talk at 5×15 in Bristol, an event that brought together an eclectic mix of speakers. It was a fascinating evening and it got me thinking about loads of new ideas. The following day we received an email from someone who’d been at the event asking whether we might need a new set of wheels.

As a wheelchair fanatic I’m instinctively interested in all things wheelie – and it soon became clear that the wheels we were being offered were for a much grander vehicle.

Move over Batman, The A-Team, and Ghostbusters! eBay have given us a fully customised Touretteshero-mobile!

The timing couldn’t have been better – we were weeks away from our epic UK tour and we were desperately in need of a comfortable way to get from venue to venue. I never imagined we’d end up doing this in such style. It’s with huge excitement that I introduce the Tourettes-mobile.

Touretteshero’s all about transformation: transforming tics into art, problems into powers, fear into understanding, and now a builder’s van into superhero’s ride.

Seeing the van for the first time was so exciting. I couldn’t believe how carefully everything had been thought through and designed. I love the way my tics have influenced its various features. Thankfully though, it doesn’t play, “the Blackadder theme tune every four days.”

Here are some photos from the day we got the keys:

Tourettes-mobile Tourettes-mobile Tourettes-mobile Tourettes-mobileWe’ve been using the van for the last week and it’s made a huge difference to how comfortable and relaxed our tour has been. We’ve already enjoyed warm welcomes in Canterbury, Darlington, Hull, Nottingham and Bedford and you can find the upcoming dates here. Look out for the Tourettes-mobile in a town near you!

Thank you to Bruce, eBay and the whole team who created our incredible vehicle – you really have helped us on our mission to ‘change the world one tic at a time’.

3 responses to The Tourettes-mobile

  1. barbara.renel says:

    This is fantastic Jess and well deserved. Have a brill tour and we’ll make sure you eventually get your show up here once the fire station reopens x

  2. Dan says:

    Pretty nice wheels…

    OK I can’t play it cool – that’s totally amazing!

  3. Michael B says:

    This is AMAZING!!!
    (Also I can see myself just creeping into frame at the beginning! :D)

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