Introducing Innes

Yesterday we started the UK tour of our stage show Backstage In Biscuit Land at the Nottingham Playhouse, and we’re back there this afternoon for a matinee. After that we’re heading off to Hull.

The touring team includes me and Chopin, Leftwing Idiot, our producer Jolie, and Finn, our driver. Also with us this week is my support worker Innes. Innes started a few weeks ago and has quickly settled into the role. I’ve been really enjoying her company.

If people aren’t sure how to pronounce her name, she helps them out by saying it’s like Guinness but without the G. But as I’m writing this, my tics are offering up other suggestions:

“Innes, stronger than Guinness in a titanium flask.”
“Guinness, fluid like Innes in the rain.”
“Innes like Guinness, but without the afterglow of a damp moon.”

Innes arrived in Nottingham late last night. This afternoon’s performance was the first time she’d seen the show. It won’t be the last though, because she’ll be supporting me a lot in the next few weeks as we take Biscuit Land up and down the country.

In the coming weeks I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about Innes and our adventures in the “United Nighty-Wearing Kingdom of Biscuit Land”!

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