Fat Sister’s Birthday Bernard

It’s Fat Sister’s birthday very soon but because she’s going to be away for the day itself we had a get-together this evening.

I’d been struggling with what to get her this year. I wanted it to be something that she wouldn’t get for herself but also something she’d really like. And with Fat Sister, that’s tricky.

Then I came across the perfect gift.


I’ve often mentioned my tics’ long-running obsession with penguins, and that I find them ridiculously exciting. So you’d be forgiven for wondering who this gift is actually for.

But it’s actually perfect for Fat Sister – just last week, after over eighteen months without them, she at last got doors on all the rooms in her house.

She was excited by the doors, but even more so by the new doorstop which she’s named Bernard – a classic penguin name if ever I heard one.

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