Dingo or Bingabilty?

Several times a day my tics intensify dramatically – I call these episodes ‘ticcing fits’ because they look seizure-like and need similar management. They have a number of distinct elements any or all of which may happen during any given fit. It’s a bit like a fruit machine.

Today I had a long and intense fit, and while she supported me, Fran took this gambling metaphor to a new level. She kept asking if we were going to get a ‘full house’ with all the possible elements of a fit in one episode.

She wondered whether this bizarre version of bingo should be called Dingo (Disability Bingo) or Bingabilty (Bingo Disability).

In the end it did turn out to be a full-house, but eventually, with the help of some emergency medication, I managed to get back to normal.

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