An Otter Saves The Day

My possessions have quite a hard life. My tics mean that my things get dropped, thrown, bitten and squished much more often than other people’s. This means I seek out robust tic-proof items wherever possible.

Take my smart phone for instance – I’ve had one for many years, and right from the start I realised it was going to need some heavy-duty protection. But at first I found it hard to locate a case that was up to the job. Then, a few years ago a friendly Paramedic Richard showed me the case he had.

My initial interest in this case was because it was made by a company called OtterBox, and my tics were going through a big otter phase at the time. But it also looked strong, so I bought one, and since then I’ve always used Otters to protect my phone.

This morning, as I was transferring from the cab to my wheelchair, my phone fell out of my bag into a gigantic puddle. It was completely submerged so I assumed it was a goner.

But it seems not. Leftwing Idiot carefully removed the phone from its protective case and dried it off, and half an hour later when Poppy called it buzzed into life. I was stunned that it had survived its dip unscathed, and I’m sure that’s all down to the Otter.

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