The Walls Are Rolling

I’m in the process of learning lines for a new project. In my usual way I’ve written them out on big sheets of paper and stuck them round the walls in the castle.

There’s one such sheet above my bed and during the night, it started to peel slowly off the wall. It didn’t happen all at once, but gradually, over a couple of hours, waking me up occasionally with a noise that sounded very much like a rolled ‘r’!

Regular readers will remember this is a noise that makes me inexplicably excited. So in the early hours of the morning I found myself going from fast asleep to very excited in a split second.

I didn’t stay awake long though, and a mix of not wanting to get up or to disturb my overnight support worker Aytan, meant I did nothing about the slowly falling paper.

Eventually it came down completely, and landed on me. At that point I kicked it off the bed and took my cue to roll over and go back to sleep.

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