Down With The Spuds

I had a lovely lunch with my work colleagues yesterday at our favourite café. It was cold so I ordered a jacket potato with cheese and beans.

It arrived quickly, looking totally delicious, but before my support worker Aytan could help cut it up I ticced:

“Fist-bump a potato!”

And a second later my knuckles collided with the gooey spud.

For anyone unfamiliar with fist bumping it’s a gesture similar to a handshake or a high five.

But as far as I’m aware it’s not often used within the potato community. And given the state of my bean-covered hand I can see why.

Festive Outburst
“Have a bucket of Christmas.”

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One response to Down With The Spuds

  1. Tic boy says:

    My tic at the moment is singing 1970s cartoon themes ie Hong Kong phooey and fingerbobs the oldies will remember I’m sure

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