Biscuit Land Returns To Stockwell

For the last four weeks I’ve been spending most of my time at the BBC’s historic Television Centre in White City, preparing for our Broadcast From Biscuit Land, which aired on Sunday. Although I’m missing the creative team we were working with and the building itself, I’m not missing the long journey across London to get there.

I’m used to a much quicker commute, just fifteen minutes in a cab from the castle to the play projects I help run.

Today, returning to work, I brought my biscuits back to Stockwell and it was lovely to be there, settling back into my regular routine. While I’ve been away winter has truly set in and it’s made me realise how important the outdoor spaces at work are to my awareness of the changing seasons.

My colleagues seemed to enjoy the return of my tics, laughing and joking at their surreal interruptions:

“Let the mouse see the radiator.”
“I’m a box set of Michael Parkinson cutaways.”
“Do you remember the time you were a beat in a song?”

It was business as usual. Well, almost normal. There was one thing that everyone seemed a little out of practice with – ignoring me while I dictated emails to my support worker Aytan.

Several times, when I began an email with ‘Hi’ so-and-so to someone who was in the office, he or she immediately said said ‘Hi’ back. This was lovely and meant I had more conversations and sent fewer emails. But it was also strange because I’ve never noticed it happening before. By the end of the day, though, everyone had got used to it and I rabbited on to Aytan without anyone’s unexpected attention.

Interestingly the only person working in the office today who didn’t say hello when I went to email him was our finance worker Alan. I suspect this is because Alan’s had a lot of practice at ignoring me saying his name out loud – ‘Alan’ has been a regular tic for several years.

Fantastic as it’s been making Broadcast from Biscuit Land it was lovely see all the children today and to bring the biscuits back to Stockwell.

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