“Carrier Bag Early Intervention Team - Duncan Goodhew Speaking.”

We’ve been away in Sweden for a few days with Backstage In Biscuit Land and have come home to the national carrier bag crisis. Predictably my tics are taking the nation’s plight very seriously:

“Plastic bag, dancing in the wind, get a job.”
“Plastic bag, you’re worth more the long sigh of a sheep.”
“Carrier bags are so last season. Get a pigeon.”
“Carrier bag, your career is over.”
“Plastic bag, moulding yourself into the shape of an onion is no longer enough.”
“Plastic bag, one day you’ll be on Antiques Roadshow.”

To try and help, I’ll send a Touretteshero tote bag to the first person to come up with a plausible answer to this question – you must show your working out.

“If Daisy has £54’s worth of carrier bags, how many more would she need to cover a small herd of Friesian cows?”

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3 responses to “Carrier Bag Early Intervention Team - Duncan Goodhew Speaking.”

  1. Mandyque says:

    £54 worth of carrier bags would amount to 1040 bags, which would easily cover half a dozen cows, including oversized udders if they were dairy cows. If 6 could be considered a ‘small herd’, then she has exactly the number of carrier bags required. Hurrah Daisy!

  2. Hi Mandyque, I’ll accept that as a plausible answer. Please drop me an email with your address so I can send you your prize. 🙂

  3. Mandyque says:

    Thank you very much, got my tote bag today, it’s fab and will help me to avoid that dastardly 5p bag charge! ‘Wrecked on the rocks in my mind’ sounds a bit like me too 😀

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