Theatre For Everyone, Lamp-Posts and All

It’s late, I’m exhausted, but I’m happy. Tonight Backstage In Biscuit Land opened at the Barbican’s Pit Theatre. The Barbican Centre has been part of my life since I was tiny. In fact I was born at Bart’s Hospital, which is pretty much in it’s it shadow.

It felt amazing to perform somewhere both familiar and iconic. Just a few years ago going to the theatre as an audience member would’ve terrified me. I’d have been fearful that my loud, wiggly body wouldn’t fit in and that I’d be unwelcome. Tonight’s show was joyful and relaxed. I was loud and wiggly as ever, but more importantly there were other people with Tourettes in the audience too.

One of my hopes for the show is that it’ll make theatres, performers and directors think about the accessibility more deeply. I also hope that it’ll persuade other people with Tourettes that the theatre is for them too.

As I type this I’m giving another performance, but this time the audience is much smaller, just the lamp-post I can see from my bedroom window.

“To be or not to be – that is the question that should be asked of all lamp-posts.”
“It is the lamp-posts of outrageous fortune that weigh heavy on the mind of the moon.”
“Lamp post, don’t waste your spotlight – do a monologue.”

We’re at the Barbican for the rest of this week and at the Soho Theatre for the week after. Do come and join us in Biscuit Land if you can.

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  1. rachel77 says:

    You have left a big impression at the Barbican, and it was lovely working with you all! Who’s going to tickle Benedict Cumberbatch’s feet next week…? I love the idea of lamp posts doing monologues, simply because they have a spotlight – brilliant. Hope you can come back and perform here again. We loved the show – and you!

    love Rachel x
    (Barbican SM)

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