Barbican, Here We Come

Once a week when I was at primary school our class used do the short walk through 1980s Clerkenwell to the Barbican Centre Children’s Library. Every time we got to the familiar brutalist brick paths, which have a painted yellow line leading all the way to library, we’d make jokes about following the yellow brick road.

But I wasn’t just introduced to books at the Barbican. It was also where I learnt how to make pink marzipan elephants and botanic collages, and how to juggle – a skill I haven’t retained! It’s also where a number of my friends lived and memories of playing on its open landings are etched fondly in my memory.

In a couple of days I’ll be back at the Barbican, and I’m extremely excited about it. This time, sadly, there won’t be any marzipan, but there will be biscuits, lots and lots of biscuits! On Tuesday our week-long run of Backstage In Biscuit Land at the Pit begins. After that we’ll be at the Soho Theatre for a further week, and we’re all really looking forward to sharing Biscuit Land with London audiences.

We were originally due to perform in the Battersea Arts Centre’s Grand Hall in May, but the devastating fire there earlier in the year made that impossible, and we were kindly rehoused by Soho and the Barbican.

All our performances are relaxed so people who make noise or wiggle about (including babies) are very welcome. There are two BSL performances on Saturday 26th, and a live subtitled performance at Soho on October 3rd. And we’ve also built audio description into the text for anyone who might find this useful.

There are still a few tickets left so if you’d like to follow the yellow brick road to Biscuit Land there’s still time.

I hope you’ll be able to join us.

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