Biscuit Land’s Last Night In Edinburgh

Tonight we welcomed our last Edinburgh audience into Biscuit Land. It was an amazing show – in the first few minutes Teddy Ruxpin got run over on my command by Euan of brilliant Euan’s Guide fame, I bit the magpie that sits on the back of my chair during the show, and Chopin’s monologue, which I’ve heard many times before, moved me all over again.

And as I looked out at the audience while we sang our final song I couldn’t quite believe how far we’d come in such a short time. Not only have I gone from sound booth to centre-stage but I’ve also had some incredible conversations, seen important changes, and made many new friends along the way.

In our show I mention a nasty tweet about me from another member of the audience that we were both in four years ago. This had ripped apart my already dwindling self-confidence. Who’d have guessed that when I sat alone in my flat reading those gutting words, they’d help spark such a positive outcome.

At the end of tonight’s show the audience gave Chopin and I had a standing ovation. My confidence and happiness soared they showed their appreciation for what we’ve created together.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Edinburgh. I’ll be sad to leave the city and the immense creative energy I’ve felt throughout the week. But I’ll be back in Biscuit Land soon, first at the Bounce Festival in Northern Ireland next weekend, then for two weeks in London, and next Spring we’ll be touring the UK – keep an eye on our events section for more information.

Thank you to everyone who’s joined us on this journey.

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