Abnormal Antics

I’ve just come off stage after my first ever stand-up comedy gig. This is daunting enough for anyone at the best of times, but thanks to my tics I never know what I’m about to say next. There’s an element of Tourettes that’s saying the least appropriate thing in any situation – so because my mum and dad were in the audience, a lot of my set turned out to be about Fat Sister’s sex life.

Like any budding comic I’d written a set list on my hand in case I needed the odd prompt. I’d forgotten though that I wear padded gloves, have dystonia (which makes my hands curl up) and dyslexia, all of which made my notes utterly unreadable!

All things considered, I think tonight went pretty well. My ten-minute slot was part of Abnormally Funny People, a disability-focused cabaret night at The Stand in the Square here in Edinburgh.

Abnormally Funny People has been going for ten years and I’ve always wanted to see it, but I never thought I’d take part. I couldn’t believe I was sharing a stage with such established disabled comics as Caro Sparks, Gareth Berliner and Tanyalee Davis.

All in all I enjoyed the experience and I felt much more relaxed as I hurtled down the ramp off the stage at the end. I’ll be back for more ‘abnormal antics’ on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th. If you’re around please do come along – it’s different every night.

Talking of night, I’m off to bed now. We’ve got an early start tomorrow as we gear up for the first performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land at this year’s Fringe. Fortunately I won’t need to hand out any flyers because it’s sold out!

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