Brain Waving

This morning I took part in some research being conducted by the Movement Disorder team at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

This study involves collecting data from the brain using an electroencephalogram, more commonly know as an EEG. EEGs record the electrical activity of the brain through a network of electrodes placed on the scalp.

The EEG didn’t hurt at all, but the electrode hairnet I had to wear looked wieird enough to make Fat Sister laugh.

Once we were all ready I had to complete a task on a computer. This involved following a dot on the screen with my finger. From my understanding they’re looking at the difference in brain activity between voluntary and ticced movements.

Apparently this is one of the first studies to use EEG in relation to Tourettes. The researcher said this is probably because EEGs are very sensitive to movement, so they’re a challenge when used on wiggly bodies.

I’ll update you on the findings when they’re published.

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