Running Away From The Circus

Back In March eight young creatives with Tourettes from across the country came together for Idea Amplifier a weekend workshop at the Camden Roundhouse in London. They had a mighty task ahead of them – to devise, script and shoot a short film on a subject of their choice.

They rose to the challenge, and created something incredible. The group called the piece ‘Running Away from the Circus’ because they were fed up with the media circus and lazy stereotyping that surrounds the condition. So it seemed appropriate to choose July 4th – Independence Day – to launch their amazing work.

Running Away from the Circus merges live-action drama, animation and documentary-style interviews to explore the young people’s thoughts and feelings about living with Tourettes. I’ve been blown away by the professional, moving and pioneering film they managed to create in just two days. I’m confident you will be too.

Please share this with anyone you think should see it (everyone you know!).

Thanks again to everyone who collaborated on this project, and to Spirit of 2012, Unlimited Impact, and the Roundhouse who made it possible.

I’ll end this post as the film itself ends, with an amazing poem written by Kai Smallman:

You see me twitch,
You hear me shout
But you don’t know what it’s all about.

I’m pulling faces,
I’m counting paces.

You don’t know
The reason for the show.

The reason is:
I have a disorder,
A collection of tics,
Like a classical hoarder.

Don’t derive pleasure from watching me squirm,
Get on to Google to educate
And learn.

This disorder is Tourettes.
It’s a name you may hear,
Made famous by Undateables sometime last year.

Give me a smile and a nod of the head,
Show some kindness I ask,
I’m not going to beg.

The moral of my shortest
Of stories is,
Tourettes is my power,
And I’ll shine in its glory.

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