Dolphin Head Revisited

I was searching through the photos on my phone earlier looking for a particular image when I stumbled across something that made me squeal with excitement.

Last month I was in Liverpool with Chopin to perform Backstage In Biscuit Land. We had a bit of time before the performance so we went to look around the city. We found a fancy dress shop, and this happened…

Naturally, I stayed really calm and didn’t overreact at all!

OK, I might’ve got a little excited. I’ve written about my tics’ strange relationship with dolphins before and there’s even a part of the show where I talk to a dolphin. This is what we are re-enacting in the photo. Chopin even did her dolphin voice.

I enjoyed stumbling across the photo and getting excited all over again. If you’re in Edinburgh in August and want to join us in Biscuit Land you can book tickets here, and we’ll be in London in September – details can be found here.

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