The Latest Celebrity Hangout

I’ve spent the last week at the Royal Court Theatre taking part in a writing group. Having the time to think and talk about writing in depth with other writers has been brilliant.

Will’s been supporting and he seems to have enjoyed the experience too. It’s also provided him with a celebrity toilet story, which he seems quite pleased with. Here’s what happened.

During a short break we went off to the toilet. The accessible toilet was in use so we waited patiently outside. After a while a man came out, and I hurried in. It’s a little known fact but non-disabled people often use accessible toilets when they want…a bit more privacy shall we say? I’ve written about this phenomenon before in case you’re interested. It normally annoys me but I was so focussed on having a wee I wasn’t paying any attention to anything else. When I came out Will gave me a cheeky grin and causally announced, “Orlando Bloom is sorry you had to wait to use the loo.”

As they’d passed each other on the landing, Will had struggled to identify the instantly familiar stranger. In the process he’d found himself staring intently into the face of Orlando Bloom. Noticing this, Orlando had evidently thought Will’s intense stare was one of annoyance rather than curiosity, so he’d come back to apologise for using the toilet and for making us wait.

Orlando, if you’re reading this, I accept your gracious apology.

When I told Zoë this story it made me glad it was Will who’d been supporting me, not her. She made it very clear that she’d have abandoned me for Orlando without a second thought.

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