City Solo

Last May I wrote a post about a magical moment alone in my city. I had another one the other day, slightly less romantic – I wasn’t rolling through London on a sunny day, enjoying the freedom of a new wheelchair – but it was equally significant for me.

Leftwing Idiot and I had been for a meeting in central London. It had overrun slightly and there wasn’t time for him to travel home with me and then get to what he was doing that evening. So we agreed that I’d get a cab back to the castle on my own.

I made sure my support worker, Ana, would be ready for me at the other end, we explained to the driver about my ‘ticcing fits’, and we made sure the child locks were on. The driver was very friendly and seemed comfortable with the arrangement. Leftwing Idiot loaded me into the cab asking me to text him when I’d arrived.

And then the driver and I set off across the city. It’s the first journey I’ve made on my own in several years, and the longest period I’ve been out and about without support since my ticcing fits started.

It was all perfectly normal, but it felt like an important moment for me – it wasn’t just that I was travelling on my own, but that Leftwing Idiot and I had been able to make a practical decision based on a balance of risk.

Knowing that this can happen when it’s appropriate feels liberating.

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