My Promise

The utter devastation I’m feeling today is indescribable.

But there’s little need to describe it because the disappointment, confusion and fear I feel is reflected in the faces, voices and status updates of everyone I know.

Just a few days ago I wrote a heart-breaking list of what the last five years of conservative government had cost us as a nation. Contemplating the inevitable battles and potential losses ahead of us in the next five is beyond depressing.

But we must fight. However pointless this might feel today, we have to focus on the services, support and rights that are critical in a fair and just society.

I’ve learnt some major lessons in the last five years as a result of the challenges that Tourettes has thrown at me. The most important of these is: if something isn’t working for me I have the power to change it.

We can’t leave that responsibility to others – we must all work together to create it.

Now’s the time to focus on the NHS with watchful, protective eyes, highlight the injustices we encounter, challenge voices that peddle damaging ideas, and definitely not give up, run away, or leave the country (however appealing this might feel now).

Comedian Josie Long tweeted a list of pledges that she’d do in the event of a conservative victory, you can find it here.

I found this useful and I promise to turn my immense sadness into positive action.

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