A Potted History of Little G

At last my geranium has a new home – not a completely different address, just a new pot to live in.

My geranium, Little G, is an offshoot of the much-maligned geranium that arrived in Leftwing Idiot’s kitchen four years ago. My tics took an immediate and inexplicable dislike to it – I stuck my fingers up at it and said things like: “Teach a geranium about its history and why it’s worthless”, or, “I’ve got kill-a-geranium-virus.”

But over time my tics mellowed: “I’m not even interested in the geranium.”

And then softened: “Geranium, we love you collectively as a nation.”

So eventually I was trusted with a geranium of my own and Little G came to live at the castle.

I’ve noticed that my plant’s been struggling for the last few months and I decided it was in need of a bigger pot. Today, at long last, I re-potted Little G. I even planted a shoot in a different pot in the hope that it’ll take root and become Little, Little G.

I never know what my tics will latch on to, but I love the way they pick up on details that might otherwise go unnoticed. And I love experiencing these strange relationships as they evolve over the years.

Good luck in your new home Little G.

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