Hello Sun

Wow! What a glorious day! I could tell it was fine before I’d even raised my blind this morning. Since then the sun’s been beating down without interruption, bathing everything in a beautiful light.

On days like this I particularly value the incredible outdoor spaces we have at work. I’m working on a big funding application at the moment but rather than sit in the office I took my laptop and worked on the veranda. To be precise, I sat in our small padded trampoline and it turned out to be a perfect and very safe workstation.

The green of spring and the bright painted colours of the play structures were luminous in the sunshine.

The beauty of the day didn’t go unnoticed by my tics either:

“Hello sun, have you been on sabbatical?”
“Sun, you could make a baked bean and a mouldy Shreddie look splendid.”
“Sun, good work on the subtle mood lighting.”
“Sun, your optimism is wasted on the wind chime.”
“Keep up the good work sun, and you’ll get a sticker.”

I’ve no idea if the sun was paying attention, and I don’t want to take any undeserved credit, but it did keep shining all day.

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